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We grew up on large country lots, surrounded by trees, that of course, we would climb. Yet unbeknownst to us, our younger years of climbing would turn into today’s passion to see trees thrive. We love your beautiful properties and envision the potential within your trees. Our passion is climbing in the canopy moving from limb to limb around the tree as we bring the tree into its prime. Whether that be pruning the tree for its optimal airflow or pruning current and future hazards. We feel so privileged to see the trees of your property transformed and developed.

We take great pride in being knowledgeable and skilled at our trade. We at Valen’s Tree Care are constantly learning and growing with our industry, pushing our safety standards beyond government recommendations, and our commitment to our staff and operating tools are all running at peak performance.

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    Tim Schotsman

    Arborist & Co-Founder

    I’m passionate about what I do. From a very young age, having come from a family in the floral industry, I got exposed to tree nurseries and worked in apple orchards. This began my love of trees, which led to my work in Tree Care Services for the last half-decade. Personally, I love to spend time my free time with my incredible family, whether I’m hiking or camping, I’m constantly learning something new. Specifically, one area of learning has been how to repurpose parts of the trees into something practical or beautiful. When working with my amazing clients, I really enjoy seeing the positive reactions as we help them take care of their trees. Whether it's simply providing information, teaching or simply doing the tree work for our customers; I just love to help people.

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    Davy Vanderloo

    Arborist & Co-Founder

    Hailing from Cambridge, Ontario, I spent a lot of my childhood in the countryside. Surrounded by the beautiful mature trees of the area I was inspired to work in the beauty of nature. I spent the last decade working in the lumber industry and then transitioned into tree care from an apprenticeship with a local arborist. When it came time to set out on my own my paths crossed with Tim’s and the rest was history. On the personal side, I spend my time climbing trees for our company Valens Tree Care, I enjoy spending time with my partner and contributing to the technology and information systems at my local church.

Tim was very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. He came out to see our yard and tree and provided a quote within 1 business day and booked us in just days after accepting the quote. They worked quickly and had great communication along the way. I would highly recommend Valens Tree Care!

Posted 4 months ago

Krysta and Jason Koppers

Residential Customer